Bay Cities Wins OMA Awards

Pico Rivera, California-based Bay Cities, a designer and manufacturer of packaging and POP displays, took home a gold, silver, and bronze award at the 2017 Shop! OMA Competition on March 29th, for their effective and outstanding in-store displays. 

Each year, the Outstanding Merchandising Association (OMA) recognizes innovative and effective in-store displays. This year, Bay Cities was awarded a gold for their U-Wing display, which honored and promoted Star Wars in over 2,000 Walmart stores nationwide. Their talented team engineered and produced a U-wing replica that would appear to fly over and highlight the new Rogue One products sold at Walmart stores. 

Bay Cities received the silver award for their Virgin-Boost display. The graphics for Virgin and Boost respectively, were placed on joining sides instead of alternate sides to create an illusion that would combine the two brands yet give the customer an option to see each brand as its own entity. Bay Cities also received the bronze award for their ZTE Boost Mobile signage display, which was created to support Boost Mobile’s ZTE Warp 7 phone launch. 

“We are honored to have won these awards and be recognized as leaders in this space, and to have an opportunity to highlight our clients and their products!” said Sahar Mehrabzadeh, Director of Sales, POP Displays. “These awards confirm that Bay Cities continues to have the solutions and creativity needed to create effective in-store displays that get shoppers to buy products for our clients.” 

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