Baumer hhs now in Mexico

The Baumer Group recently opened offices in Mexico on 1 May 2023. Baumer hhs will now also be represented in the country with a team of of its own employees.

“Our company maintains close connections with customers, as reflected in our global presence, and they appreciate that” explains Igor Pinto, General Manager. “We are pleased that our parent company has established a subsidiary in this large and populous Latin American country. It has put in place the necessary infrastructure for Baumer hhs to also support customers locally, with its own sales and service experts.”

Left to right: Percy Dengler (Managing Director, Baumer hhs) and Igor Pinto (General Manager, Baumer hhs Mexico).

He continues, “Mexico is also seeing a steady rise in the demands that consumers place on product quality in general. The same goes for the manufacturing industry and the demands it imposes on the performance of its production processes. In the packaging industry in particular, production processes additionally must be highly resource-efficient. All these demands open up a range of opportunities in the Mexican market for the gluing and quality assurance systems from Baumer hhs.”

Pinto concludes, “Right now, we are putting together our team of specialists in Mexico. We are looking for several qualified employees for sales and service in Mexico City, Monterrey and Santiago de Querétaro. Our objective is to show existing and new customers the numerous possibilities that our equipment offers to optimise their processes. New team members will receive training at our expanded hhs solution-center at headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, to thoroughly prepare them for their responsibilities.”


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