Baumer hhs at drupa

Baumer hhs’s slogan for drupa is ‘Leaving an innovation fingerprint where others leave a carbon footprint’.

The company will focus on the five areas of sustainability, digitalisation, customer care, innovation and vision at the event (Hall 6, stand 6A30) under the theme ‘Yesterday’s pioneer – today’s benchmark’ and demonstrate why its customer base is growing so steadily in the global packaging industry.

Baumer hhs strives on all levels to offer customers added value with new ideas for intelligent solutions in industrial gluing. For decades now, the company has been churning out pioneering innovations that have become industry benchmarks, particularly in the folding carton and print finishing segments.

Side Seam Gluing Solution will be on show.

“Innovation is the origin of our organization. And it will continue to be so in future. Our innovations are like a fingerprint, which we leave over everything we do. We simplify processes to make them more efficient or we give customers added options – and therefore greater flexibility – to anticipate and meet market demands. In view of the transformational changes occurring in the packaging and printing industries, we are concentrating on relevant issues, such as digitalization and automation, but also on reducing the ecological footprint of products, such as folding cartons, and their manufacturing processes. At drupa 2024, we will be showcasing our unique expertise in all of these areas. It goes hand-in-hand with our global presence and our close partnerships with leading packaging manufacturers”, says Percy Dengler, Managing Director.

In the wake of industry efforts to operate more sustainably, Baumer hhs has left its “innovation fingerprint” in many areas. One example is the option of switching the gluing process from lines to defined dots of glue for numerous applications. Customers now have this option thanks to the advanced performance of Baumer hhs’s application heads, sensor systems and controllers. Switching to dot gluing slashes glue consumption in folding carton applications by 50% or more, and reduces the associated CO2 emissions. At the same time, it improves the adhesive strength of the bonds. In short, it is an innovation that offers customers triple the benefit, conserves resources and reduces waste.

As an active member of the 4evergreen alliance and a SUGRA development partner, Baumer hhs is working on solutions for the future of packaging. At drupa, the company will present its extensive activities to promote the Rethink. Renew. Recycle. approach to sustainability.

This is also where digitalization comes into play, as the prerequisite for automating workflows. With automated processes, sources of error can be eliminated entirely and machine operators can react to problems more immediately. Automation also reduces or avoids packaging waste and rejects.

In light of the importance of this issue, Baumer hhs is also working on all fronts to digitalize its solutions and services. At drupa, it will primarily address cyber security, condition monitoring, data management and remote maintenance. The objective in all these areas is to use the latest web-based technologies, as well as machine and process data, to increase and optimise efficiency in production and minimise downtime.

Baumer hhs has always left its innovation fingerprint in the field of customer service. The company is known for responding in a special way to the individual, market-specific needs of its customers all over the world. To uphold this reputation, the company constantly updates and adapts all aspects of its customer service.

Its preventive maintenance programs are one example. They are designed to maximize the availability of customer systems and make maintenance plannable. Further examples include remote technical support using the latest technologies, repair and replacement programs for older systems, as well as training and knowledge transfer programs. The hhs Solution Center in Krefeld, Germany, is another key element of service. A steady stream of customers come to the centre from all over the world to use its extensive testing facilities for the development of new applications.

“Our innovation capabilities are undiminished, as evidenced by the solutions we have introduced to the market in recent years. Most are developed in collaboration with customers and we will be exhibiting several of them at drupa, such as our revolutionary Side Seam Gluing Solution based on high-performance application heads used for bottom gluing in the production of straight-line boxes, the Xcheck DCM for monitoring product mix-ups in sheetfed die cutters using 2D codes, our solution for securing pallet loads and our controllers. Visitors will also be able to witness some world premieres at our stand,” says Andreas Brandt, Marketing Manager.

Every drupa event is like a window into the future, and Baumer hhs will round out its exhibit in Düsseldorf with a presentation of its vision for the company’s future development in the changing packaging industry. Baumer hhs envisions continued improvements in the sustainability of packaging and print products and the associated production processes, the exploration of new markets, solutions for meeting new customer needs and finally even more efficient collaboration with packaging manufacturers worldwide. Baumer hhs, as a thriving organisation and leading innovator, likewise aims to further cultivate close partnerships with all its customers. Environmental issues will continue to be of fundamental importance in this connection.

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