Baldwin unveils new ‘Defender’ inspection and defect tracking solution

Baldwin Vision Systems has unveiled a new ‘Defender’ suite of data-connected technologies to identify, track, and remove print defects. Specifically designed for wide-web, gravure and CI flexo pre-print applications, Defender 100% Inspection™ is the foundation for the comprehensive defect tracking solution. Defender Data Central® and Defender Waste Manager™ combine to function as a seamless defect detection and tracking workflow.

The combination of technologies enables printers to easily deliver defect-free, perfect print quality to brand owners and print customers. Empowered with valuable production data and detailed print quality reports, printers can improve their processes and put more work through the press—reducing the need for additional presses or press time.

John Cusack, Business Development Specialist for Baldwin Vision Systems, comments, “Print buyers are increasingly requiring 100% print inspection along with detailed print quality reports. The Defender technologies enable printers and converters to  monitor and enhance their processes and directly improve their bottom lines. On top of that, knowing where defects are and having the tools to easily remove them greatly reduces the risk of returns, litigation, lost business, and a dam­aged reputation. The Defender workflow gives printers the ability to meet brand owners’ expectations, retain current customers, pursue new markets and win new business with a clear competitive advantage.”

“Our advanced, data-connected workflow gives you the ability to make strategic decisions based on facts,” said Cusack.With the tracking workflow, it’s possible to eliminate all defects from outgoing product, providing perfect quality to brand owners. It is also possible to make tactical decisions about which defects do and do not need to be removed, based on your customers’ speci­fications. This ensures maximum yield and maximum profitability—job after job.”

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