BAHMÜLLER success with TURBOX Performance Days

BAHMÜLLER recently hosted a three-day event at a customer site, Liebensteiner Kartenagenwerk GmbH in Plössberg, Germany.

At ‘TURBOX Performance Days’, the manufacturer of specialty folder gluers invited customers with regard to forthcoming projects to see the latest innovations in folder gluer automation. The systems on show at Liebensteiner company included the complete automation line – TURBOX and POWERPACKER with robotic feeder and palletiser from long term partner MuK.

Visitors were shown three fully equipped Turbox lines, all of which have been installed at the converter’s site between 2014 to 2023. The machines included one Turbox BTX 1700 and two BTX 2300, all featuring PowerPacker and MuK-RO-HE palletiser.

The two bigger machines also feature a special device – the MuK-FEED – a robotic feeder for speciality gluers. Blanks are directly taken from the pile into the feeder of the gluer. This means less operators are needed along the almost 60m long machine, a reduced work load for the operators and continuous running, ideal for long runs and big size boxes.

Attendees at the Performance Days also saw two versions of the MuK-Feed on the machines at Liebensteiner; the beta version and the latest model, which is now being actively marketed. Further, the latest line to be installed is dedicated for e-commerce production with an integrated ENPRO WTB system.

“Liebensteiner is one of these companies you can develop new systems with,” said Ulrich Wolz, COO Corrugated Board Converting Systems, Bahmüller. “With a high grade of automated production, professional approach to customers and suppliers ensures direct feedback and a strong commitment to the future. We are grateful to the owners of Liebensteiner for allowing us to showcase all our solutions at their impressive facility. For us it was outstanding that more than 60 interested participants took the opportunity to see the latest innovations live and were able to gain an image of the automation solutions they are interested in.”

Bernhard Schön, owner of Liebensteiner, added, “With the installation of PowerPacker we already increased the output by 50% compared to a manual take off, this is why all our three Turbox lines are equipped with the system. Actually we are working on the 10th MuK robotic system to be installed, as we can justify the investment by less operators involved in our production process.”

Bernhard Schön Jr added, “We were already a development partner for the MuK-Feed, as there is no alternative to automation, since we will simply no longer have the employees who are prepared to cope with the workload of our fast running Turbox lines in the future. Justification of three years might be a challenge, but if we make it in five years and therefore can keep our experienced operators who are necessary for a specialty folder gluer line, we are fine.”



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