BAHMÜLLER online diagnostics with Augmented Reality

The future-proofed BAHMÜLLER Online Diagnostic tool now offers an enhanced service feature, thanks to Augmented Live Remote Video support. While classic remote maintenance methods succeed in most cases, it is expected to grow further with the new tool. In addition to the classical audio transmission, it enables transmitting live videos directly from a mobile device, tablet or smart-glasses, to the hotline technician during remote maintenance.

Augmented Reality support makes communication much easier for both sides, operators and technicians, by saving the need for extensive explanations and reduces the risk of misunderstandings compared to a business call. The hotline technician sees what the machine operator sees and generates a quick and expedient overview of the situation at the machine.

For further customer benefits, it is possible to share images in a chat, taken live or from the album on their mobile device, with the hotline technician. Both users can apply markings or arrows to the images sent or in the live video. These markers help to point out function checks or settings or to record the status separately. Using this also helps to limit malfunctions or to transfer operating and setting aids. To achieve more together and to find out a solution as fast as possible, we are able to connect to further participants.

Data security is guaranteed by encryption at the same time as the hotline technician can only see the media that has been shared and no other content. Support via text massages in the chat is possible as a matter of course. Possible language barriers will be avoided by using automatic translation.

“Bahmüller Augmented Reality Support is another example of the ongoing implementation of tools on the way to Industry 4.0 respectively digitalisation strategy to achieve best benefits for our customers,” says Ulrich Wolz, COO, Corrugated Board Converting Systems, Bahmüller. “Last but not least, augmented support, helps to avoid personal contact in pandemic times.”


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