Bahmüller Multi Double Champion for Sarow Kartonagen

Manfred Sarow, CEO and owner, Sarow Kartonagen GmbH, is enthusiastic about how well XXL boxes can be produced on his new Multi Double Champion – a machine that handles stitching, gluing and taping, all with the servo driven TopSpeedTaper.

He says, “Gluing is possible in combination of cold and hot melt. This is a real innovation for semi-automatic lines. Bahmüller has been well known for its semi-automatic sealing lines for many years. With the new generation of multi sealing lines, the servo drive technology as well as latest safety standards have been implemented. Further advantages are the faster setup times due to a new HMI, the remote control for trouble shooting and a better accessibility.”

The fully servo driven stitching heads on this new line offer flexible stitching patterns with a detection system and a higher process stability. Thanks to the reduction of mechanical parts, maintenance costs can be reduced as well.

He continues, “With our combination gluing system, all sealing methods are possible: PVA glue, hot melt glue and a combination with stitching and taping.”

Ulrich Wolz, COO – Corrugated Converting Solutions, Bahmüller, adds, “These machines are the perfect solution for sheet plants right through to integrated companies – from the table stitcher up to a multi sealing line for a production from stack to stack. Board qualities up to the heaviest triple wall can be converted on the line.”

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