Bahmüller ‘Double Champion’ for Saudi Arabia

Bahmüller has confirmed it recently supplied a Double Champion 25/45 to WAPAPER, based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The machine is dedicated for the production of heavy grade 7 ply/triplewall boxes. Equipped with a sturdy and durable stitching head, it offers high levels of performance.

The operator’s platform is manually movable and grants space for two people to handle the big sheets – up to 4500mm folded width. With a stitching ratio of up to 850 staples per min, the performance is impressive. A hydraulic lifting table with a powered or non-powered roller bed ensures proper pallet transport. After every cycle, the table moves upwards to ensure easy handling of the sheets. At the discharge side, another hydraulic lifting table with roller bed enables the operators to create neat pallets. The mechanical devices are adjustable in its range.

“Saudi Arabia is an intriguing and demanding market,” says Ulrich Wolz, COO, Bahmüller. “Customers are always looking for highest quality and shortest deliveries, therefore suppliers require sophisticated and reliable machines. Not only brown boxes for heavy duty, but also colourful boxes for food and beverage are produced for local and East Africa export markets.”

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