Award-winning software tools for automated cutting

Zünd confirms it has received EDP awards for no less than three of its software tools. The jury declared PrimeCenter the ‘Best Workflow Solution’, while the Pick&Place Interface Option and the Visualizing Option are recognised as ‘Best in Robotics’ and ‘Best Print Support Tool’, respectively.

Zünd is known for its high-performance digital cutting systems. For some time now, the Swiss manufacturer has also been making a name for itself with user-friendly automation software such as PrimeCenter for prepress, as well as the Visualizing Option and the Pick&Place Interface Option for digital production. The latter are two highly effective solutions for removing/unloading cut parts, offering visual support and robot integration, respectively. In recognition of the wide-ranging benefits and price-performance ratio of these software solutions, a jury of experts from the European Digital Press Association EDP awarded them the distinction of ‘Best in Class’.

  • PrimeCenter automation software serves as control centre for creating print & cut files and enables a highly efficient and productive prepress workflow. In a few clicks, users create fully nested print & cut jobs;
  • The Pick&Place Interface Option lets Zünd Cut Center – ZCC control a robotic device, enabling fully automated parts removal — picking, sorting, and placing at pre-defined locations;
  • The Visualizing Option provides visual support for parts removal. Cut parts are labeled via projection or monitor. The user is able to see at a glance which parts belong to which job and can apply labels for continuous Track&Trace.


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