Avis creates Recycling & Waste Equipment division

Upland, IN-based Avis Industrial Corporation has confirmed the formation of its Recycling & Waste Equipment Division, which brings together three wholly owned Avis subsidiaries – American Baler Company, Harris Waste Management Group and International Baler Corporation.

The three companies offer one of the largest recycled materials baling solutions, operate four manufacturing locations and support a global installed base of balers for recyclables. While each company will continue to operate individually, the new structure will bring to market recycling and waste compaction solutions. As a result of the divisional focus, the individual businesses will realize benefits through best practices sharing, process standardization, organizational optimization and consolidated corporate reporting.

“We began building our ownership position in these companies back in 1979,” says Greg King, President and CEO, Avis. “As an industrial holding company focused on long-term investment and growth, Avis is committed to optimizing the value and solutions these companies offer to their customers and team members. Our capital base allows us to support their business operations, which ensures unmatched support for their customers.”

He continues, “We are pleased to announce that D.J. VanDeusen will serve as the president of the Recycling & Waste Equipment Division in addition to his current role as president and general manager of Harris.”

Dave Kowaleski, President and General Manager of American Baler and Roger Griffin, President and General Manager of International Baler will continue in their leadership roles and provide support for the integration activities associated with the new division.

“Bringing these three renowned businesses and their teams more closely together will provide unprecedented solution capabilities to our recycling and waste industry customers. It will allow us to deliver new units and parts support on shorter cycle times, provide optimized field service coverage, and generate broader advancement opportunities for our team members,” says Van Deusen. “In a world of constant change, these companies are all built on a heritage of performance, reliability and support. Working together we will be able to harness that heritage more effectively, allowing us to offer greater innovation and value for our customers.”

The combined product offering of the Recycling & Waste Equipment Division includes single-ram, horizontal, two-ram, ferrous and specialty balers, scrap metal and automobile shear/baler/loggers, heavy-duty shredders and high-volume waste and scrap compactors.

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