New name is Inspire Automation

Automatan, LLC of Plover, Wisconsin, and Systec Conveyor Corp. of Indianapolis, Indiana, are merging their business operations under the new name, Inspire Automation. The merger becomes effective Jan. 7, 2019. Their products incorporate over 65 years of combined engineering expertise, and together offer unified material handling equipment solutions to the corrugated industry. Private equity group Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners purchased the two companies in 2016 with the strategic goal to merge them into a single entity now formally named Inspire Automation.

“Inspire Automation unifies the solid engineering, manufacturing and sales expertise from Automatan and Systec,” explained Randy Lorenz, Chairman of Inspire Automation. “This benefits our customers by offering them a single provider for efficient corrugated board material handling production lines.”

Matt Cahill, CEO of Inspire Automation commented, “The merger of Automatan and Systec under Inspire Automation provides a major growth opportunity through an extended support and service offering for our clients. As customers look to maximize their ROI from their corrugated equipment, we will be better positioned to support them now and in the future.” 

Inspire Automation’s expanded business capabilities will serve corrugator plants across North America and the globe.

More information about Inspire Automation products can be found here.