Arden Software release latest WEBcnx

WEBcnx 2023.1 is out now bringing with it a host of new features and performance enhancements. The web-based platform WEBcnx integrates with Arden Software’s packaging CAD/CAM software Impact, as well as other workflow systems, acting as a virtual project manager, enabling customers to manage and streamline their operations from wherever they are in the world.

The latest release marks the first in our new approach to development methodology, moving away from bigger and more sporadic software releases, in favour of a series of smaller and more frequent updates, focussed on key areas of the software.

In line with customer expectations and today’s modern software delivery cycles, this flexible development process aims to be more responsive to the changing needs of our customers.

WEBcnx 2023.1 has seen some significant updates to the remaining older areas of the admin tools to completely remove older, outdated user interface (UI) components. Key updates in WEBcnx 2023.1 include:

  • The Standards Wizard has had a significant update and is a key component to the Design Library version of WEBcnx. This feature allows users to browse Impact’s entire catalog of standards and create new designs from these within WEBcnx.
  • The User Management Feature now allows an administrator to assume the identity of another user. This is an important administrative feature to help resolve issues users may have whilst preserving security. A new main menu option allows those administrators to easily revert back to their own account and all logging now includes the name of the administrator assuming a user’s identity to avoid adding confusion to the logs. Further flexibility has also been added to the logs so that the entire log is now searchable via WEBcnx and it’s also possible to search within date ranges.

The Arden Software Development Team are now working on the bigger roadmap projects for upcoming releases. A significant update to the User Interface is ongoing which will include enhancements to both WEBcnx and Lens to be much more touchscreen friendly.

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