Arden Dies aim to accelerates growth using digital technologies

Arden Dies, has recently worked with Made Smarter, a company helping small to medium sized manufacturers in the UK accelerate growth by identifying digital technologies and maximise operational processes through innovation and streamlined digital transformation workshops.

Arden Dies engaged in the workshop which involved online sessions, a full diagnostic analysis of the business’s product, services, processes and people, and a presentation of recommendations for practical solutions to overcome business challenges. The Made Smarter digital transformation workshop was designed in such a way that requires minimal time investment for manufacturers to turn the actions into results, while still allowing participants to focus on the day-to-day operations of the business.

The final product is a guide for decision-makers with recommended first steps, a technology roadmap, and information about how to get further support from the programme such as funding for digital tools. It also includes printable wall graphic to share with the wider workforce to bring everyone along on the journey.

“Arden Dies has been at the forefront of innovation and technology adoption but recognises the need for continuous improvement in its processes and its people. We are delighted to be working with Made Smarter to develop digital transformation as part of our business strategy,” Sarah Poynter, Operations Manager at Arden Dies.

“The use of technologies is becoming essential in order to cut costs and enhance the customer experience. Without capitalising on digital tools, manufacturers risk getting left behind,” said Kevin Smith, Made Smarter technology expert.

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