Arcwise sample range

Earlier this year, UK-based Cepac launched the pioneering curved corrugated product Arcwise to the market. This week, it unveils a sample range showing not only the aesthetic benefits of Arcwise, but also the inherent technical advantages it brings.

The sample range, designed with innovative Arcwise solutions for a wide spectrum of sectors including drinks, pet foods and confectionery, has undergone testing at Cepac’s development laboratories, with results showing that the packs have significantly improved performance characteristics due to the curved packaging form. These boxes are now available for customer review, with indicative design options demonstrating how the innovative Arcwise technology, combined with high quality printing on curved panels, can be used by brands to stand out in a range of markets.

Cepac’s Group Sales and Marketing Director, Steve Moss, said, “We tested curved corrugated Arcwise packs with differing specified curvatures alongside regular packs in standard flute grades. The curved Arcwise packaging performed better in testing than traditional square packs, standing up to significantly higher load pressures in box crush tests both horizontally and vertically. The enhanced performance means that customers can optimise flute grades on Arcwise products to achieve the same or greater structural rigidity, minimising the amount of packaging and retaining peace of mind that the packs deliver excellent performance.” 

He continues, “Arcwise removes the risk of corner damage, which can occur on traditional boxes in certain applications. The testing shows a marked increase in the longitudinal strength, which helps sustain the top to bottom case performance. We’ve found that Arcwise eliminates corner displacement and edge distortion during stretch-wrap application that is sometimes found on square-cornered packs where corner voids can crush under increased side load compression.”

After receiving positive feedback from Cepac’s wide range of FMCG customers, the patented technology is now being trialled in markets as diverse as industrial packaging and premium gifting.

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