AR Packaging launches recyclable fibre tray for high barrier applications to reduce plastics

In the quest for circular packaging solutions for more demanding applications, AR Packaging has contributed by launching a fibre-based tray concept intended for modified atmosphere packaging of ready meals and other chilled foods. The fully recyclable TrayLite® solution provides an efficient and convenient alternative to full plastic barrier trays and reduces plastics by 85%.

The search for packaging which replaces plastics whilst not increasing food waste is more intense than ever. Full plastic trays are commonly used for chilled ready meals, processed meat, fresh fish and other sensitive products which need a high barrier protection. Alternatives with recycled or renewable plastics are introduced, but many brand owners, retailers and food producers have set targets for fully recyclable packaging with maximised fibre content.

By combining the Group’s expertise in both cartonboard packaging and flexible high barrier materials, AR Packaging has developed a new fibre-based tray concept called TrayLite®. A tray made of sustainably sourced cartonboard is lined and sealed with thin higher barrier mono films to ensure product protection and extended shelf-life. The cartonboard tray, liner and lidding film are easy for the consumer to separate from each other and recycle in separate well-established recycling streams across Europe.

“We are excited to offer a new improved paper tray and support the development towards more circular packaging solutions”, says Yoann Bouvet, Global Sales Director Food Service, AR Packaging. “Designed for recycling and easy to handle, heat and eat from, TrayLite® is ideal for a wide range of products such as ready meals, chilled meat & fish and nutritional food. Being lightweight and using 85% less plastic, it is a sustainable alternative to the conventional plastic trays.”

Thanks to the patented design of the tray, the thicknesses of cartonboard can be tailored to the exact needs and therefore less resources are used whilst tightest seal integrity is achieved. The inner liner is recyclable as mono PE material with an ultrathin barrier layer that provides the crucial product protection and thereby minimises food waste. No glue or adhesive is used in order to make the separation and recycling of the packaging as easy and optimised as ever possible. And branding and consumer communication is excellent thanks to the full surface print possibilities on the tray – both inside and outside – in an efficient way.

“Our goal is to create safe and sustainable packaging solutions in cooperation with our  customers and thereby help meet consumer needs and our customers’  ambitious sustainability targets,” says Harald Schulz, CEO, AR Packaging. “The launch of TrayLite®confirms this commitment and is one more addition to our wide range of creative innovations provided by our multi-category packaging group.”

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