AR Packaging helps solve home delivery challenges

With increasing number of home deliveries, the packaging needs optimisation of space usage, both at the restaurants and during delivery. AR Packaging says that its range of fibre-based food service packaging is developed to reduce storage space at the restaurants and minimise unused space in the thermo bags while ensuring hygienic delivery with contact-free handover.

Home deliveries from restaurants have risen during the latest years and COVID-19 restrictions further boosted this development. The growth is predicted to continue post-pandemic and with that comes several packaging challenges. The restaurants are expected to manage more deliveries but often have limited space for storing packaging. The deliverers look for packaging with good stability and integrity and aim to fit as much content as possible into the thermo bags, as shown in the picture below. Consumers want easy to use packaging which has not been tampered with and has a simplified disposal. Sustainability aspects add another dimension across the whole value chain.

With these requirements as a basis, AR Packaging has developed a range of fibre-based food service packaging which is all optimised for home delivery. The range includes different menu boxes, delivery trays and cup carriers. Being delivered flat to the restaurants, they support efficient storage until erected and filled. High pack stability makes them easy to stack after filling and the integrated dividers and handles simplify further handling. The different packages can be printed, both outside and inside, to support branding and consumer communication.

All home delivery solutions are designed to the footprint of typical cooler bags, fitting 90% of the common thermo bags in the market and hence provide maximum space usage and efficiency. The packs are liquid proof and easy to take out of the thermo bag by the consumer, and thus provide a hygienic contact-free handover from the distributor. Product safety is achieved with smartly designed tamper evidence solutions. The home delivery range offers easy-opening and access to the food and is designed for taking minimum space when disposed of. Based on cartonboard fibres from sustainably managed forests, the use of plastics is avoided and the packages can be recycled in the paper stream.

“We have a long experience in the food service sector and now expand our offering with this range of solutions designed for the growing number of home deliveries”, said Yoann Bouvet, Sales Director Food Service at AR Packaging. “The concept meets the needs from not only the restaurant operators and consumers, but also the challenges the distributors have had.”

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