AR Packaging and PulPac expand partnership

PulPac’s ‘Dry Molded Fibre’ is a patented manufacturing technology for the circular economy – using renewable pulp and cellulose resources to produce low cost, high performance, fibre-based packaging and single-use products. PulPac says dry molded fibre gives up to 80-90% lower CO2 footprint at the same or lower cost as plastic and is up to ten times as efficient as conventional fibre molding invented over 100 years ago. It also eliminates the need for valuable water resources in the defibration process.

AR Packaging will, with its packaging competence and market access, fast-track dry molded fibre opportunities with leading brands and products looking for sustainable cost effective solutions in the packaging and food service industries.

“We are proud to call ourselves an early adopter in ‘Dry Molded Fibre’ and member of the PulPac Technology Pool given its blend of sustainability, global scalability and cost efficiency,” says Ralf Mack, Group Innovation Director at AR Packaging. “Consumers and the industry alike are seeking a shift to fibre wherever possible. Therefore, we are investing substantially in efforts where our deep experience in ‘Dry Molded Fibre’ and access to this technology can offer brands a much faster path to market.”

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