April U.S boxboard production

The American Forest & Paper Association released its April 2017 U.S. Boxboard Report, including audited data for 2016 and 2017 based on the results of AF&PA’s 57th Annual Capacity Survey issued May 2017.

Total boxboard production increased 3.2 per cent when compared to April 2016, but decreased 3.5 per cent from last month. Unbleached Kraft Boxboard production increased over the same month as last year and increased compared to last month. Total Solid Bleached Boxboard & Liner production increased when compared to April 2016, but decreased compared to last month. The production of Recycled Boxboard decreased compared to April 2016, and decreased when compared to last month.


The report can be purchased by contacting Caroline Nealon at [email protected]

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