Applications open for Stationers’ Company Warrants

The Stationers’ Company has confirmed that it is now open for applications for new Warrants and 2022 Warrant renewals.

These Annual Warrants are formal recognition of the high quality that companies in the Communications and Content Industries put into their products and services, recognising, and acknowledging excellence, with the annual scheme now in its 9th year. The scheme distinguishes itself by being open to everyone in the Communications and Content industry sectors, both members and non-members of the Stationers’ Company.

The Stationers’ Company confirms a limited number of warrants each year. They are granted based on a set of rigorous criteria including original design and high-quality manufacturing/production techniques, as well as factors such as appropriate and sustainable packaging, and relevance to the industry or market sector; supporting evidence of quality is required.

Applications are reviewed by a panel of Stationers’ Company members, and presentation of new Warrants will take place at a formal luncheon in Stationers’ Hall on 6th March 2023. In 2022, over 130 attended this event, providing additional publicity for the companies involved. The closing date for applications is Friday 25th November 2022.

Chris Geer, Chair of the Warrants Committee, states, “Warrants remain important in increasingly competitive markets, as they offer differentiation and a quality mark of recognition. We encourage businesses to come forward and shout about the great things they are doing.”

Application forms and Terms and Conditions are available online at the Stationers’ Company website Warrants Scheme.

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