Antalis supports forest growth with tree planting project

Antalis, who have worked with Forest Carbon since 2014 and are their longest standing current partner, hosted customers Coventry Building Society, Egan Reid and The Printroom at the tree-planting day at The Croft on the Lowther Estate in Penrith, Cumbria.

The day saw the planting of a native oak, adding to the 9,000 plus broadleaf and coniferous trees Antalis and its customers have already planted on the six-hectare site as part of the carbon offsetting scheme offered by Antalis. Through the planting and management of these trees, over 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be captured.

The Croft is one of four schemes Antalis and its customers are supporting through the partnership with Forest Carbon. In addition to The Croft, 4,000 native broadleaf trees have been planted on a 2.5-hectare site at Thorney Coppice near Kettering, Northants, with 1,000 tonnes of CO2 capture underway. A further 31,557 broadleaf and coniferous trees have been planted on just under 16 hectares at Doddington North near Wooler, Northumberland, meaning a further 4,308 tonnes of CO2 will be captured.

Antalis has also partnered with Forest Carbon on an international project: ECO2 Rubber in Guatamala. The project has supported the restoration of over 2,000 hectares of degraded and over-farmed land and created more than 300 permanent jobs in low access communities.

A long-standing partner, Antalis first contacted Forest Carbon in 2014 to see how they could work together to support forest growth and carbon capture. Director of Forest Carbon, Stephen Prior, says, “At the time Antalis first made contact with us, the UK voluntary carbon market was in its infancy. The partnership with a company like Antalis was critical in helping us to continue our pioneering work, and in giving other organisations the confidence to work with us.”

To date, Antalis and its customers have planted almost 50,000 trees, restoring 30 hectares of ecosystem and capturing over 9,000 tonnes of CO2.

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