Antalis stocks Performa Light CarbonZero™

Antalis’ portfolio of folding boxboards now includes Performa Light CarbonZero, a cartonboard manufactured at a fossil-fuel-free mill.

Performa Light CarbonZero™ is a GC2 folding boxboard with outstanding characteristics that lends itself to the creation of an array of premium packaging applications. It is also one of the first carbon neutral cartonboards.

Performa Light CarbonZero™  is manufactured at Stora Enso’s Fors Mill in Sweden, which has become carbon emission free in its electricity and steam production and, from the beginning of 2022, in its internal logistics. As a result, the production of Performa Light CarbonZero™ has exceptionally low greenhouse gas emissions. To further improve its sustainability, emissions that are currently unavoidable are offset via a verified carbon offsetting scheme to reach net zero emissions.

Thanks to Fiberlight Tec™, a patented fibre treatment technology by Stora Enso, the product is lightweight without compromising on strength or performance, while its triple pigment coated top side combines smoothness, brightness and whiteness to provide exceptional and reliable printability.

Performa Light CarbonZero™ is the perfect material for premium brands who consider every aspect of their packaging, from its provenance to the quality of the finished result. Ideal for a wide range of applications, including cosmetics, beauty and healthcare and other graphical applications, Performa Light CarbonZero™ is also food contact approved and taste and odour neutral, making it the ideal choice for packaging chocolate, snacks and confectionery.

Steve Chappell, Graphical Board Development Manager, Antalis, says, “In choosing Performa Light CarbonZero™, brands can show measurable actions on climate change through their packaging. In addition, its light weight means reduced environmental impact and a reduced carbon footprint at every stage of the packaging life cycle; for example, it produces less end waste and lower carbon emissions in transport, all of which helps to make Performa Light CarbonZero™ a responsible, sustainable choice.”

Performa Light CarbonZero™ is exclusively stocked in the UK by Antalis in a wide range of sizes and weights.

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