Another GLUEJET® for Easypack Displays

As part of its ongoing growth plans, Suffolk-based Easypack POP Displays has increased its FSDU gluing capacity by adding a second GLUEJET® from Bickers in Germany.

Easypack took the decision to purchase a second machine after years of reliable service from their first. As work levels increased during 2021, many investments have been made to keep up with demand. The XY Glue Plotter is used for combination gluing of pressure sensitive hot melt and PVA in any pattern required giving strong bonds for POS display work that may carry heavy items in varied conditions. The new machine has the ability to apply up to three lines of glue in a single pass on the X and Y directions at up to 6m per sec, together with full 360 degree access around the rising feed tables.

Matthew Mays, Site Manager, Easypack, comments, “Having the second Gluejet has further maximised our operational efficiencies and increased our output of complicated glue patterns”.

Neil Thayer of Finishline Machinery, (Bickers UK and Ireland agent) says, “The Gluejet XY Gluer continues to be popular, with over 65 installations – six of which were installed last year during the COVID-19 pandemic and many more are on order and will be installed this summer.”

Left to right: Neil Thayer (Finishline Machinery), Matthew Mays, Petya Malevska and Jan Stevens (Bickers UK).


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