Annual Sales Meeting

For its annual sales meeting, members of the Dücker Group met mid-March on the premises of a major customer in the Netherlands. During the event, representatives from 12 countries were able to get up to speed about the recently implemented large-scale installation, which included a three-level sheet store.

All 36 participants were impressed by the project, which had been implemented by the customer in a relatively short period of time. The sheet store is designed for a capacity of 1.5 million sqm of sheet board and is fed by several transfer cars with lift conveyors.

The focus this year at the sales meeting, however, was on prefeeders and palletisers. Most of the innovations coming from Dücker Group at the moment are related to this product category and for both lines, the customer has the choice between a classic or robot solution.

As far as the prefeeders are concerned, Dücker Corrpal can supply two different models in various working widths. The DFL model (Dücker Line Feed), is available in widths of 1800 and 2500mm. In the DPF model (Dücker Prefeeder), the customer can opt for widths of 1700, 2100, 2500, 2800 or 3200mm.

The Dücker Robotics Prefeeders are also available in two versions: Robofeed III for top printing inliners up to a working width of 2500 mm and the Robofeed IV for bottom printing inliners and die-cutters up to a working width of 2800mm.

In addition to the Dücker Corrpal Palletizers already well-known in the market, Dücker Robotics offers the following solutions:

  • PAL FFG II for inliners up to a working width of 2800mm;
  • MPG for destacking finished goods behind a FKM;
  • PAL DC for flat bed and rotary die-cutters up to a working width of 2800mm.

After presentation of these innovations on the first day, the participants were able to watch some of the solutions in action in the plant.

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