And the winner is……..Rutgers Printing & Packaging!

The judges of the 2022 European Carton Excellence Awards have revealed the winners of the 2022 competition. Rutgers Printing & Packaging Solutions ‘masterpiece of elementary and sustainable design’ for cherry tomatoes was crowned the Carton of the Year during the annual European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) Congress in Kraków, Poland.

Made entirely from food-safe renewable virgin fibre cartonboard manufactured by Stora Enso, the carton strikes the perfect balance between maximising product visibility while maintaining rigidity. With a smooth white surface and unbleached inside, it conveys absolute eco-friendliness, and it is easily re-closable with a ‘click’ even after multiple uses, reassuring consumers that it is locked. Thanks to its shape, more boxes can be placed on a pallet than traditional plastic designs, saving costs, increasing transportation efficiency and reducing emissions. Crucially, approximately 67 tonnes of plastic are avoided by using cartonboard for 1 million boxes. After use, the boxes can be completely flattened and disposed of in the carton recycling stream.

Winfried Muehling, General Manager, Pro Carton, commented, “We were truly excited and proud by the quality of the entries for the European Carton Excellence Awards this year. The designs are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and diverse, with a greater focus on consumer handling and material usage. Over the years, the environmental value of cartons and cartonboard has become more significant. The 2022 entries clearly document the lead cartonboard and folding boxes take on the road to circularity. True symbols of change. We extend our congratulations to all the winners of the European Carton Excellence Awards and thank all those who entered. We look forward to hearing even more about their successes in the year to come and invite all companies to enter again next year.”

For the full list of winners, please follow this link.

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