American Baler modifies 2-Ram baler lineup

American Baler Co has made some recent improvements to its 2-Ram balers.  The W721 and W828 2-Ram balers now come with a power unit and manifold block designed with off the shelf Parker Din Cartridge valves on the manifold and standard directional control valves. All the pumps have their own pressure control kit for all three stages of pump.

“Warranty claims were higher than desired with our manifold blocks and our engineering risk evaluation model led us to these cartridge valves,” says Jim Wolfe, VP Engineering & Customer Service. “The new design is easier to build with less errors.”

Mike Schwinn, Sales Manager, adds, “This change was implemented in our larger W828 series two years ago and the results have been superb, so improving the W721 was a logical next step.”

The W721 2-Ram series is American Balers most popular model.  While it is a wide body baler, it is priced closer to many narrow body machines.  This great price point fits many MRF applications as well as paper, plastic, and non-ferrous metals plants.


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