All Good Things Come in Pairs

Mondi received two German Packaging Awards 2017 (Deutscher Verpackungspreis) in the “Cost Effectiveness” category. The competition, organised annually, recognised two of the company’s innovative concepts – one for the transportation of industrial ventilation systems and one for point of sale product displays. 

The first packaging solution received recognition for its efficiency in transporting heavy-duty products. When transporting industrial ventilation systems, corrugated corner pieces are used to stack and stretch wrap up to six units. However, Mondi took it to the next level with this award-winning application in that the new one-piece solution significantly boosts handling and material efficiency compared to previously used two-piece corners. The judges were particularly impressed by the 30% reduction in material usage and 48% reduction in assembly time compared to the previous solution.

The second packaging solution stood out for easy handling during assembly and product stocking as well as product visibility and accessibility at the point of sale. The new design forms a durable and attractive display out of transport trays and a smart interlocking system. This new solution scores in terms of efficiency compared to the previous concept, with a 46% reduction in material usage and a 20% reduction in handling time per pallet.

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