Aldi switches to cardboard meat packaging to eliminate 1,100 tonnes of plastic per year

Supermarket giant Aldi is taking steps to ‘green’ its red meat, by rolling out cardboard packaging across its entire steak range in 890 UK stores. This change in packaging, which it expected to save 1,100 tonnes of plastic a year, is expected to be introduced for the supermarket’s 15 steak products in the start of October. The new packaging is recyclable, once the protective film has been removed, and is sourced from sustainably-managed forests, Aldi said. In July, Aldi pledged to remove two billion single items of plastic by 2025, building on previous progress removing 6,000 tonnes of plastic since 2019.

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The firm’s managing director Luke Peech said that reducing its plastic footprint was “a fundamental area of focus for us as a business.” “It can be challenging to balance tackling food waste with the need to reduce the amount of plastic we use, particularly with fresh meat. A successful trial has shown us that this new packaging enables us to do both.


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