Agnail Invest in Persona Baler

Agnail is a fast-growing recycling, waste management and brokerage group covering the UK and Ireland providing their clients with sustainable solutions for their recycling needs. They operate the largest recycling business in Northern Ireland through its subsidiary Bailey Waste Recycling.

Over the years, the Bailey Waste Recycling customer base has been growing and so has the throughput of materials to its sites. Directors Michael O’Callaghan and Paddy McBride, wanted to invest to keep up with the demands of their increasing throughputs.

Director Paddy McBride said, “The actions of the team at Presona really showed a true commitment and dedication to supporting Agnail in every step of material flow, baler selection and installation process in our Lurgan depot.”

The baler of choice to maximise Agnail’s throughputs, efficiency and capacity was the Persona LP110 CH6S. This huge baler is capable of processing up to 50 tonnes of material an hour which accumulates to over 215,000 tonnes of various materials each year. They also decided on Presona UK’s very own, purpose-built conveyor system – the PreVeya. It has been designed and built to cope with the ruggedness of the recycling industry.

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