After the deal, Thimm now has focus on the consumer goods industry

Following the news of the sale of its Packaging Systems division to Tricor, Thimm Group will now focus towards the consumer goods industry over the next few years.

As recently reported, over the next five years, Thimm is planning investments of €400m in automation, digitalisation, modernisation, and the expansion of all its locations to achieve this objective. “Our customers deserve to receive the best solution,” explains Mathias Schliep, Chairman of the Management Board, Thimm Group. “The planned investments and our expertise in the consumer goods sector will continue to make us the leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of goods.”

In the wake of the long-term strategy development, the company is selling Thimm Packaging Systems, the industrial goods division of the company, to the global Japanese Rengo Group. With over 100 locations in North America, Europe and Asia, Rengo is Japan’s largest packaging supplier. In Germany, Tricor Packaging & Logistics AG, headquartered in Bad Wörrishofen, Germany, is already part of the Rengo network, and Tricor has been working closely together with Thimm for many years. Market requirements for the next growth phase in the industrial goods sector have changed rapidly, especially in the automotive sector. A global production and distribution setup is required to be able to grow further here. “Therefore, in terms of global expansion, we see the best prospects for Thimm Packaging Systems, the company, and its employees in a cooperation with the industrial goods specialist Tricor. It’s a perfect fit,” says Schliep. “This sale is providing us with additional funds that will enable a new, independent financing strategy for our ambitious expansion of the consumer goods business. We plan to double our turnover by 2030.”

In addition to innovation and sustainability, as an independent family business, Thimm continues to keep an eye on market developments, where the further development of sustainable packaging solutions for the circular economy is becoming increasingly important. Due to the above-average growth of e-commerce and FMCG, the commercial demand for production and storage capacities is also increasing. To this end, Thimm will hugely expand its plants, modernise its machinery, and position itself for the future with consistent digitalization and automation. This shall apply to all Thimm Group locations. Digital printing capacities will also be significantly expanded. Thimm’s sustainable core competence of corrugated cardboard and its innovations in the development of new solutions are at the heart of this.

Schliep concludes, “This backdrop contributes to the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions and supports our strategic path of using resources responsibly in the circular economy.”

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