Advice for start-up businesses

The British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) is reporting increased demand for advice from start-up businesses, as a new generation of companies and brands seek to outsource many of their requirements.

Around 20% of enquires received by the BCMPA each month are from newly established companies and this figure is anticipated to grow with industries such as personal care, food and drink and nutraceuticals demonstrating particular interest. To support this demand, the BCMPA has created a specific section on its website.

The new ‘Tips for Start-ups’ page is designed to help companies understand the benefits of outsourcing and more easily identify appropriate solutions for their particular manufacturing, packing, fulfilment and logistics requirements.

The decision to use outsourcing solutions can provide multiple benefits for new and growing business, both those serving traditional retail markets and the fast-expanding online sector.  Outsourcing offers an alternative to heavy initial investment in capital equipment, provides access to specific technology expertise and skills, and enables entrepreneurs to focus on core functions and management, enabling them to grow their business.

The BCMPA advice focuses on the key factors to consider in the early stages of a project, such as preparing the business plan, identifying the target market, assessing viable minimum order quantities and having the financial backing in place to support growth.

The search facility on the Association’s website displays the extensive range of services offered by accredited BCMPA members in order to help companies find the right outsourcing partner and there is also an online project enquiry form. The BCMPA is also able to advise business start-ups face-to-face through its attendance at relevant events and exhibitions throughout the year.

“We understand the difficulties that many start-ups face when getting their projects off the ground, which is why we provide information and support in order to help in the process,” explains Rodney Steel, BCMPA Chief Executive. “Through our membership, new businesses are able to access a wealth of knowledge, experience and facilities that can help turn their ideas and concepts into reality.”

“This is a great initiative from the BCMPA,” comments Claire Summersby, Partnership Sales and Marketing Manager at BCMPA member Alexir. “It is an insightful piece of information and is something that we will utilise when responding to enquires from start-ups.”

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