Adara Pakkaus solves cutting dust problems thanks to Weducon

Based in Finland, Adara Pakkaus Oy has revealed its new weapon against the widespread problem of cutting dust, following the installation of a Weducon HE-series sheet cleaner.

Adara Pakkaus Oy, known for its commitment to sustainable production and use of advanced flexo and digital printing techniques, recognises the harmful effects of dust, cutting waste and microparticles in the packaging process. Dust not only detracts from the quality of packaging but also poses health risks and leads to production downtime and increased waste.

The increase in dust after the cut-off is due to the use of serrated knives. Although these knives have a longer life than plain knives, they also cause a significant increase in cut-off dust. If left untreated, this dust pollutes the production environment, adheres to the substrate, and ultimately compromises the printing process.

In response to this challenge, Adara enhanced its BHS Corrugated line by installing the new Weducon HE-series sheet cleaner in the cut-off section. This move followed the successful integration of a Weducon web cleaner after the slitter/scorer.

The results have been promising; after several weeks of measuring results, Adara reported:

  • A dust reduction of as much as 40% on the Göpfert printing machine;
  • The frequency of production stops required for cleaning printing plates decreased by 46%.

These results not only improve product quality but also contribute to better working conditions, plus a significant reduction in waste, energy consumption and costs.

These statistics show that the Weducon HE-series sheet cleaner is an ideal solution for the packaging sector in general, with effective sheet and web cleaning for the production processes.

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