Acquisition of AR Packaging delivers ongoing customer benefits

Graphic Packaging International acquired AR Packaging in Q4 2021. The company has now said the move has brought together two businesses with complementary services and solutions, as well as shared standards and values. It has also enabled customers of the combined entity to enjoy several distinct advantages.

Specifically, as the acquired business successfully integrates into Graphic Packaging, customers are benefitting from increased resources in a wide range of areas including production, design, and technical support.

They are seeing the rewards of shared knowledge and expertise gained by the previously separate companies meeting the needs of businesses in different and diverse market sectors. In addition, the larger geographical footprint and physical presence is enabling the combined businesses to enhance already high levels of customer service delivery and responsiveness. Plus, there has been significant cross-fertilisation of technology and ideas, creating opportunities for customers to benefit from new innovations. Finally, the increased size of the new business is contributing to even greater resilience and stability, as well as more scope for investment.

Jean-François Roche, SVP Sales International, comments, “The integration of AR Packaging into Graphic Packaging is progressing well, and the union of these two highly respected providers of innovative and sustainable fibre-based packaging is delivering the win-win scenario we envisioned. The acquisition has brought a new and exciting dimension to our successful operations. We’ve been able to build on the many things we have in common and learn from the things we do differently. We are also making good headway in combining our teams and business functions in the interests of efficiency and a seamless customer experience. Both companies have long and impressive histories. Our integrated team is now enjoying the opportunity to shape the latest chapter in those exciting and ongoing success stories.”

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