Accurate Box offers color changing inks

Accurate Box Company, a US manufacturer of litho-laminated corrugated packaging, is now able to print color-changing inks on its packaging.  Using photochromic and thermochromic inks, Accurate Box’s packaging changes colors when exposed to the sun or to different temperatures.

These inks are a creative way for brands to make their packaging stand out and attract cons­­umers.  The photochromic ink can be used on packaging to reveal promotions or coupon codes, while the thermochromic ink can also be used to tell consumers when to put products back into the refrigerator.

Accurate Box reports that when tested with consumers, this ink drives purchase intent up by 39%. Consumers can still recycle the box after they are done using it since Accurate Box’s packaging is 100% recyclable and the inks are environmentally safe.


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