FESPA Spain awards Ability’s multi-product display produced on Abiplex material

Spain-based Ability Diseño Gráfico, a leading company dedicated to the production of high-quality flexographic clichés, is using the HP Scitex 11000 to meet the ever-growing demands of customers and expand its business.

Since its adoption of digital printing, Ability has created its own patented product, Abiplex, which enables industrial designs to achieve customer satisfaction in key aspects such as robustness, ease of assembly and adaptability. Abiplex is mostly used to produce permanent and semi-permanent displays, and therefore it replaces certain expensive and labour-intensive wood, metal and metal-like structures.

With the installation of the new HP Scitex 11000, Ability, which already had already installed an HP Scitex FB7600, is now able to offer sound structural design, high-quality printing and fine cutting and finishing to end users due to higher run speeds. Additionally, HP has been able to modify slightly Ability’s HP Scitex 11000 to meet the specific demands from customers on corrugated boards. The successful growth seen has led Ability to expand production, even moving into additional countries in Europe.

“We intend to provide digital printing services to third parties and reach agreements with international partners to internationalize Abiplex. This is why we’ve strengthened our relationships with marketing professionals who work for major brands to establish key alliances to spread the use of Abiplex in the market”, said José López Martinez, General Manager, Ability. “One of its key features of Abiplex is sustainability, as it is a product that respects the environment and is recyclable.”

In the latest edition of the Ramon Sayans awards, FESPA Spain awarded Ability the prize for the best digital printing on rigid support and the print service provider is now shortlisted for the FESPA Global Print award.