ABB machine optimisation for Iggesund Paperboard mill

ABB is leading a major installation of new drives, control systems and quality control solutions (QCS) for Iggesund Paperboard in Sweden, driving increased safety, higher availability and more stable operations for the board mill.

ABB will deliver a comprehensive maintenance and upgrade project in several stages during 2021, with total supplier responsibility for Iggesund’s two board machines. The strategy minimises the impact on daily operations to the lowest possible downtime on each machine. ABB has created an evolution path to ensure that older Smart Platform system architecture is replaced by the latest Network Platform technology in the most straightforward, cost-efficient way.

A step-by-step electronics upgrade is underway on measuring frames as part of QCS on the two machines. Each frame will be equipped with the latest generation of ABB’s moisture sensors, the High-Performance Infrared Transmission (HPIR-T). Moisture is an important quality parameter if the board is to retain its properties in subsequent product conversion steps. Functions to enable a safer working environment for operators and other personnel, including double-channel emergency stops, a modern start warning system and safe speed monitoring of the machines, are integrated within the drive and automation solution. To secure the future of production, ABB is supporting the modernisation of 150 drive systems with the ABB Ability System 800xA automation and control system and frequency converters from the new ACS880 multidrive system family. ABB Ability™ System 800xA.

“We will now benefit from a more modern control and drives system that is dimensioned for higher speeds, increased logging possibilities, better fault diagnostics and higher safety,” said Mikael Larsson, Project Manager at Iggesund Paperboard. “We are building for the future and will be able to continue to meet the high demands of our customers.”

“With an upgraded drive, automation and quality control system, Iggesund Paperboard will experience higher availability and utilisation rate of the machines, which will produce paperboard of the right quality in stable processes,” said Björn Jonsson, Head of Process Automation in Sweden, ABB. “This more predictable process operation will contribute to lower maintenance costs, higher availability and safety. On top of the product-based design and commissioning, we’re also supporting Iggesund with training staff on the systems.”

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