ABB helps business map a route to energy efficiency savings with new online calculator

With the International Energy Agency (IEA)’s 9th Global Conference on 21-22 May in Nairobi approaching fast, businesses across the world face the goal of doubling progress towards energy efficiency by 2030 to meet COP28 emissions targets and cut energy costs. However, a recent report from the Energy Efficiency Movement shows that while there is optimism and appetite among businesses to invest in energy efficiency, the survey also identified barriers, including a lack of specialist resources (33%).

To address this deficit and help businesses take the first step on their journey towards energy efficiency, ABB is launching an online calculator which offers easy access to data insight based on the energy performance of motor-driven systems. By inputting basic details about their motor fleet, running hours and average operating power, the customer can estimate energy and emissions savings, and payback period. The online calculator is a light version of the in-depth energy efficiency audit used by ABB’s experts in a full study and is based on the same algorithm.

The calculator provides an initial estimate of the potential energy and cost savings achievable by upgrading pump and fan systems driven by low voltage direct online (DOL) motors, which are installed without a variable speed drive (VSD) to control their speed. The calculator focuses on low voltage motors of efficiency class IE3 and below. It estimates the energy savings that could be achieved by upgrading to the latest motor and drive technology – the IE5 SynRM package – for optimal energy efficiency gains.

After seeing the potential results, the next step in the energy efficiency journey is a full energy efficiency audit, where ABB’s experts gather site-specific data to precisely identify an operator’s top opportunities for saving energy. Once an audit’s recommendations are implemented, the final step is to protect their investments with customized service agreements that keep their motors and drives operating efficiently and reliably through their lifetime.

To try the online energy efficiency calculator, click here.

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