Folding Carton

Kawahara TXR blank separator installed

US-based All American Label and Packaging (AAL&P), with manufacturing facilities in Dublin (CA) and Memphis (TN), has taken delivery of its first Kawahara TXR Blank Separator in its Dublin facility. The TXR is an offline blanking station made in Japan and used throughout the world for the carton, card and label conversion of sheet-fed materials. Supplied by ANC Machinery, the export division for Kawahara, AAL&P ordered the full system to include Sheet Feeder and Unloader options. “We needed to speed up our stripping productivity, and we are confident the Kawahara can keep everything moving,” said AAL&P Plant Supervisor, Brent Peacock.

L to R: Sean AAL&P TXR Operator, ANC Installation Team Harry Haskew & Nick Claydon, AAL&P Plant Supervisor Brent Peacock.

Ordered at the end of February 2019 and installed and working before the end of June, the TXR has allowed the company to significantly increase its throughput in an area of production where traditionally bottlenecks occur – hand-stripping of die-cut stock. “As it is an offline machine, the TXR is very flexible, moving from job to job with quick make-ready times and using simple inexpensive template tooling,” says Gary Compton, US Sales Manager. “The installation in Dublin is a tremendous boost for our presence in North America and the West Coast in particular.”

Stripped product on the Kawahara TXR.