A ‘tasty’ installation for Compact & Bale!

On a recent hot morning in Kent, the Compact & Bale service team were out installing a rather special machine for a state of the art food production factory.

C&B’s Chairman and founder, Steve Burnett, says, “These guys came to us with an interesting challenge for their high volumes of light weight packaging waste being sent to a sorting plant and we were able to help them achieve their goals through the application of specialist compaction.”

Having already ensured that their waste materials were diverted from both landfill and incineration by sending them directly to a MRF, this customer wanted to take the next step towards net zero and have now put their money where their mouth is.

With the installation of this bespoke Durapac 50t pressure, fast cycle time, twin cylinder compactor, fitted with a special ‘pre-crush’ system and fed ‘off dock’ from 1100 litre wheelie bins that arrive from the production area, they have fully committed to reducing their transport costs, their carbon footprint and their waste miles.

The new Durapac ‘pre-crush’ compactor ensures that their recyclables are fully crushed flat, before they are compacted into the attached 26 cubic metre enclosed container, giving some ‘tasty’ reductions indeed:

  • A 50% reduction in the number of containers filled and transported from site;
  • A 50% reduction in transport costs;
  • A 50% reduction in waste miles and carbon emissions.

Burnett concludes, “While a machine like this represents a significant investment, it will pay for itself in under two years and then continue to repay its purchase cost at least 10 or more times over the next two decades. This is great for our customer’s bottom line, but importantly, it will save literally thousands of waste collection journeys which will play a part in saving everyone’s bottom line, our planet.”

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