A second Rapida for Carlson Print

In a move intended to increase its position in the North American printing market, Carlson Print Group has installed a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 41-inch eight-colour press with a double coater and an array of technological features. The new press, which joins a Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 PRO on its production floor in Eden Prairie, MN, will provide CPG’s customers with a diverse range of products and help CPG to increase its capacity as it continues to expand its business.

“We’ve found that Koenig & Bauer has the ability to listen to our needs and work with our entire management team to customise a one-off printing press that will allow us to serve our current customers, develop new markets, and grow our organisation,” says Darren Carlson, CEO, Carlson Print Group. “It was an in-depth process that yielded a press like no other in North America. Koenig & Bauer spent a lot of time with our leadership team, sales team, and production team to ensure that we’ve invested in a press that delivers cost-efficient, value-added processes.”

Left to right: Earl Guinter (Sales Manager), Darin Tysdal (CFO), Darren Carlson (CEO and President), Dan Dallum (Corporate VP), Douglas Mohagen (Plant Manager) and Rod Franson (Technical Print Specialist).

Carlson’s new Rapida 106 is a sheetfed offset press with eight colours and two coating units that include a state-of-the-art colour control system. This system allows each job to come up to the desired colour immediately and maintain that colour throughout the production run.  It ensures that each of CPG’s customer’s projects look consistent from beginning to end. An in-line colour control measures every sheet and controls every 10th sheet. It also reduces waste and makeready time. This enables CPG to produce the widest variety of print applications and offer solutions to their customers to ensure their product differentiates themselves in the crowded marketplace.

The Rapida 106 will also be equipped with two modules from Eagle Systems; one for cold foil applications and the other for Cast and Cure applications.  Both module systems are run inline in one pass on press providing value-added services to CPG’s customers, enhanced its quality, and satisfies customer demands. These modules provide CPG with the ability to provide special effects and enhancements . They are an innovative option that will transcend the demands of CPG’s most high-end customers.

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