A second Moser from Solema for Joker Imballaggi

Bergamo, Italy-based Solema srl has confirmed it has installed a second Moser partition assembler at Joker Imballaggi, a privately owned sheet plant based in Bari, south of Italy.

“Joker Imballaggi has renewed its confidence in our work and know-how, expanding its production capabilities and broadening its business with the addition of its second Moser partition assembler,” explains Luca Borella, Sales Director, Solema. “Prior to this installation, we have also supplied them with another Moser, a Multiroll-cut and an Andax, all of which are running daily at full capacity.”

Gianfranco Mastrangelo, CEO of Joker Imballagi, is constantly aiming to improve the performance of his business and pays close attention to the equipment he chooses. “We are careful in choosing what’s best for the growth of our business. We are proud to be a loyal partner of Solema srl.” 


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