A close cooperation develops further – MINDA and MuK

Elmshorn, Germany-based MuK (Maschinenbau und Konstruktion GmbH) and materials handling specialists, MINDA, have been cooperation partners for a long time.

MuK’s robot palletising cells fit perfectly behind Minda breaker lines and form an optimal solution for the customer. But that’s not the only thing the two companies have in common: Minda also manufactures the plastic chain conveyors in the robot cells for MuK on the basis of a specification.

In recent years, the plastic chain conveyors have been optimised continuously and a standard has been developed that enables a smooth order flow. Minda’s Tangermünde manufacturing site is now mainly responsible for the cooperation with MuK.

Left to right: Marc Peters, Markus Kröger, Alexandra-Maria Hámori, Frank Blume, Matthias Ruths, Ute Brandt and Peter Thiessen.

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