50 kilos of waste collected during coastal clean-up day in Denmark

In a collaboration with Kattegatcenter, an ocean awareness charitable fund which works with politicians, universities and local communities to help preserve the oceans and the life found in them, DS Smith recently organised a coastal clean-up day.

The day took place in Grenaa, Denmark and was attended by 50 volunteers from DS Smith and Kattergatcenter, alongside a select group of individuals with learning difficulties who were invited to take part by the charitable fund as part of their ocean awareness initiative.

The purpose of the event was not only to reduce waste across the local community in Grenaa but also to educate the participants about the importance of a circular economy and the benefits of recycling. Divided into five teams, the attendees collected over 10 kilos of waste per team, which was later sorted and disposed of safely in an effort to protect the local people, nature, and the environment.

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