2022 Pinnacle Product Award for Durst and Vanguard

Durst Image Technology and Vanguard Digital Printing Systems have received seven PRINTING United Alliance 2022 Pinnacle Product Award across multiple Output Device Categories.

Output devices are judged by measuring colour charts and then comparing them to industry specifications. “This is the only competition that reports on the percentage of Adobe RGB a printer can hit,” said Dawn Nye, Program Manager for Pinnacle Awards, PRINTING United Alliance. “Some categories were decided by tenths of a point, so fierce was the competition this year.”

The following products won 2022 Pinnacle Product Awards:

  • Durst P5 Tex iSub: awarded Roll-to-Roll Direct Disperse Ink on Textile category
  • Durst Delta SPC 130: awarded Single Pass printer category
  • Vanguard VR6D-HS: awarded UV/Latex Flatbed ($100K – $200K) category
  • Vanguard VR6D-HS: awarded UV/Latex Flatbed + White ($100K – $200K) category
  • Vanguard VR5D-E: awarded UV/Latex Flatbed (under $70K) category
  • Vanguard VKH900-HS: awarded RTR/hybrid/flatbed new technology category
  • Vanguard VKR3200: awarded Roll-to-Roll UV (over 80 in.) category

Becky McConnell, Marketing Manager, Durst North America commented, “We are always happy to take part in the Pinnacle Product Award competition, as it allows us another opportunity to highlight our exciting technologies – and we couldn’t be more proud to have won so many awards this year.”

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