‘2021 Packaging Trends’ e-book is free to download

Esko is supporting brands with a free, downloadable e-book ‘2021 Packaging Trends’, in which Esko and X-Rite Pantone discuss this year’s packaging trends with insights into how business can leverage them for success. The e-book is designed to help brands grow their share of a market which is estimated by Smithers to be worth as much as $1.05 tn by 2024.

“The global pandemic has brought about an acceleration of many of the trends we’ve seen steady growth in over the previous decade,” explains Matthew Haws, VP Global Brand Marketing at Esko | Brand Solutions, which provides a collaborative content creation platform for packaging, labels and marketing collateral. “2021 will be an exciting year for packaging design and brands must be on the cutting edge to distinguish their products from the competition.”

Haws is one of five experts to contribute to the resource, which explores wide-ranging topics from responding to the surge in e-commerce to utilizing color trends to best effect and the need for connective technologies.

“In the US alone, e-commerce sales have grown a record 44.4% in Q2 and 37 per cent in Q3,” adds Susie Stitzel, Director Product Management – Design and 3D solutions at Esko | Brand Solutions. “Brands that do not step up to this trend with relevant innovation will be left with packaging solutions that quickly get lost amongst the designs of more agile competitors.”

As brands strive to delight rather than disappoint the consumer, Esko technologies such as web-based collaborative workflow management system, WebCenter, and accompanying digital asset management system, MediaBeacon, help them to cut to the chase quicker by streamlining packaging design projects and taking away common stumbling blocks that slow the process down.

“Esko software solutions allow brands to focus on trend and innovation work that stays agile to change, free of process and admin-based restrictions,” continues Haws. “The forward-thinking topics covered in this e-book are no longer a ‘nice to have’ for time-poor packaging design teams fire-fighting against the basics, they are must-have foundational elements that are easily integrated into 2021 projects to drive innovation, versatility and efficiency.”

You can download the 2021 Packaging Trends e-book here.

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