$1m Forest Recovery Initiative grant for ND Paper’s Rumford mill

Maine Governor, Janet Mills, confirmed an award of $1m from the final round of the Forest Recovery Initiative of her Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan to ND Paper for an upcoming project at NDP’s Rumford Division to enhance the efficiency of its R15 packaging paper machine.

“This financial support will greatly assist our efforts to increase the efficiency of our R15 paper machine and, ultimately, the long-term sustainability of the Rumford Mill,” said Ken Liu, Group Deputy Chairman and CEO. “With help from the State of Maine, we are able to improve critical areas on the machine that will benefit our customers and establish R15 as a leading producer of packaging papers in North America.”

“The work we’re doing at our Rumford Division is a huge part of our future and our 100-year vision to thrive as a business and as a positive contributor to the communities in which we operate,” said Liu. “We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Governor Mills and the State of Maine for their support of both ND Paper and the forest products industry through this exceptional program.”

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