16th Annual Meeting

More than 185 members, suppliers and guests attended AICC Mexico’s 16th Annual Meeting (June 7-9) in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Yair Caballero, Chief Executive of CorruEmpaques and President of AICC Mexico, welcomed members to the three-day event and thanked them for their support, saying that the robust attendance at the meeting indicated the strength of AICC Mexico and its promise of future growth.

The meeting program featured a mix of economic, sales, production, organizational and motivational topics. Kim Nelson, President of Royal Containers Ltd., Brampton, Ont., and Overseas Director for AICC, opened the meeting with a presentation of the principled leadership goals which AICC Chairman Tony Schleich has espoused in his tenure. She cited excellence, agility, balance as key elements of principled leadership. AICC President Steve Young followed, with a brief overview giving news from AICC headquarters.

Mark Wilde, Managing Director for Bank of Montreal, then presented an overview of the North American containerboard market with an emphasis on demand in Mexico. He also presented an investor’s view of the containerboard and corrugated packaging industry, emphasizing what investors look for in well-run public companies.
On the technical side, two presentations on the digital printing market were presented by representatives from EFI and HP. Jose Luis Ramon of EFI talked about the “Digital Evolution in the Corrugated Industry,” and Steve Shannon of HP addressed “Why is Digital Printing Crucial for the Future of Packaging?”

Continuing on the theme of technical change and innovation in the packaging world, Dr. Andrew Hurley of Clemson University gave a comprehensive overview of how new technology is changing how consumers interact with packaging and, as a result, how converters need to rethink their designs to help sell their customers’ products.
The closing presentations on the morning of Friday, June 9, focused on people, personalities and employee engagement. Dr. Jose Elizondo, also known as “Yo soy Pepe,” talked about Productive Optimism, while Fernando Sanchez, Chief People Officer for The Home Depot, discussed “Engaging Associates to Engage Customers.”

The three-day program also featured a table-top trade fair with 35 suppliers participating. In addition, on Wednesday, June 7, a full-day seminar on lean manufacturing and creating the visual work area was presented by Scott Ellis of P squared and Victor Pinto of CSI. Speaking to a sold out class of participants including owners, general managers, lead supervisors and production operators Mr. Ellis and Mr. Pinto taught principles focused on improving company profitability by implementing strategies for companies that fully implement a Visual Workplace, using 5S or 7S, report ongoing benefits including.

At the close of the meeting, Pedro Aguirre, Director of Operations of Tecnología de Carton in Durango, Mexico, presented Yair Caballero with a token of appreciation for his service as President of AICC Mexico. Mr. Aguirre assumes the role this fall at AICC’s 2017 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.

Yair Caballero (left), President of Corruempaques, accepts words of gratitude for his service as President of AICC Mexico from Pedro Aguirre of Tecnología de Carton. Aguirre assumed the role of AICC Mexico President during the meeting.

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