Baysek C170 automatic die-cutter for Ireland

US-based Baysek Machines have sold a machine in to Ireland. The company’s flagship C170 automatic die-cutter is due to arrive late April and will be installed in May.

Robert Jess, UK and Europe Sales Manager for Baysek, said, “It’s an exciting time for Baysek, there are dozens of machines across Europe already with many in the UK, so expanding our footprint in to Ireland reaffirms our belief that we offer a most versatile die-cutter. The new installation in May will be more easily accessible to Irish companies wanting see our machines in production.”

The C170 automatic die-cutter has a maximum sheet size of 1400 x 1700mm with a maximum speed of 1800 sheets per hr. The Baysek die-cutting method produces fully stripped nick/angel free, multiple-out die-cuts. The finished parts exit the machine, counted and stacked ready for shipping saving both time and additional labour cost as no further handling is required such as ‘breaking out’ or further ‘stripping’.

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