100% recyclable paperboard lid for takeaway beverage cups

A long-term collaboration between Finnish start-up company, The Paper Lid Co and Metsä Board has led to the development of a 100% recyclable paperboard lid for use with takeaway cups.

The lid, which is made from fully recyclable dispersion barrier board, is suitable for use with both hot and cold beverages. It uses a novel technology developed by The Paper Lid Company that makes it possible to form the paperboard into the desired shape. The result is a one-piece lid that clicks firmly in place and offers performance that is comparable to that of a traditional plastic lid.

“Reducing the volume of plastic waste is a critically important issue, and together with our partners we are continuously developing and testing new innovative solutions that have circular-economy thinking at their core,” says Ilkka Harju, Packaging Services Director EMEA and APAC, Metsä Board.

“Creating a 100% recyclable paperboard lid is something that we have been working on for many years, and now thanks to Metsä Board’s invaluable support, we have been able to create a functional solution,” says Matti Salonoja, founder of the The Paper Lid Co.

The initial interest towards the new solution has been strong, and the company’s production equipment in Masku, southwestern Finland, is primed to begin full-scale production. “I am tremendously excited to be able to bring this concept to the market,” says Salonoja. “Paperboard made from renewable fresh fibre is, by its nature, a sustainable raw material. By combining our expertise with Metsä Board’s we have been able to create a new solution that has tremendous potential to change the takeaway cup market.”

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