​​​​​​​Iggesund’s UK mill accident-free in 2019

Iggesund Paperboard’s mill in Workington, UK, did not have a single accident that led to absence during the whole of 2019. Quite an achievement, especially considering that more than 320 people work there, in a heavy process industry.

David Inglesfield, Health and Safety Manager at Workington, asserts that the mill’s success year after year is by no means down to pure chance. It’s about a tradition of systematic and proactive work to create an accident-free workplace.  “We’ve built up a safety culture over many years and we’re constantly working hard to keep it alive and well,” said Inglesfield. “Safety is everyone’s responsibility and requires commitment. Everyone also needs to have the courage to challenge unsafe behaviours. A safe working environment must always be at the top of every meeting agenda to keep the issue fresh in people’s minds.”

Iggesund’s mill in Workington, UK.

Other key ingredients in the mill’s success are learning from incidents, analysing the causes and conducting ongoing checks, leading to improvements. Work planning to ensure that controls and follow-up are in place is also vital at the Workington mill, which makes Iggesund Paperboard’s Incada paperboard.

At the company’s mill in Iggesund, Sweden, which has about 800 employees, there were nine accidents leading to absence in 2019. “Workington is a great role model for proactive and successful health and safety work. For example, they have a procedure in place whereby they start investigating a workplace accident straight after it occurs. We take care to continuously learn from each other so we can prevent accidents at all our workplaces,” says Therese Rahm, Communication Manager at Iggesund Paperboard in Sweden.

All of the Group’s mills are either preparing for or already transitioning to the new management system, ISO 45001, which partly entails higher demands on involvement from senior management.


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