Veevee Paper Products choose JKSP for double backer upgrade

One of the latest installations of the JKSP AirBond Double Backer Heat Transfer system was completed at Veevee Paper Products in Nigeria. The customer had a goal to improve quality and running speeds while eliminating the high maintenance requirement of the existing weight roll system.

The existing weight roll system was providing limited heat transfer capabilities and quality was variable with numerous issues being experienced when producing singlewall grades. This was also resulting in low running speeds due to the lack of heat transfer the system was providing. An extensive amount of engineering time was also required to maintain the system along with an arduous lubrication schedule in an attempt to prevent repeated bearing failures.

The 1.8m K&H Double Backer already had a suitable hydraulic lift system so the AirBond system was designed to utilise as much of the existing equipment as possible to reduce costs and enable a speedy installation.

The upgrade was installed during a two day weekend with production starting on Monday morning as normal. The plant noticed the benefits immediately with a noticeable increase in quality and running speeds. Production & Engineering appreciated the simplicity of the system with no complicated operational requirements and virtually zero maintenance.

“The experience with JKSP was very professional, from conception to production with great pre-installation support, followed up with second to none on site installation, training and start-up,” stated John Bird, Operations & Technical Director, Veevee Paper Products. “From the first stack coming off the corrugator after installation and for each day by day since the start-up, we have experienced the flattest board we have ever produced. Improved board quality, reduced waste at corrugator and conversion, increased productivity and a great confidence booster are the result of a cost effective investment. The AirBond product is a credit to JKSP and would benefit other corrugator users. Thank you to all at JKSP for a great experience – and looking forward to our second installation later in 2023.”

The RollerBond module was installed above the first hotplate to ensure accurate and controlled contact of all papers on the entry of the double backer. This provides a high down pressure to ensure controlled contact and excellent glue penetration without any “double kiss” which can sometimes be experienced if the papers are not controlled sufficiently at their point of first contact. AirBond modules were then installed above the remaining hotplates with zonal control to enable variable pressure to be applied to suit the various mediums and liners being ran. The system automatically adjusts the pressure as the corrugator speed increases, to ensure efficient and even pressure is applied, enabling even heat transfer to provide increased running speeds and consistent board quality. The simple operator interface enables operators to select the flute type running and the system takes care of all settings during production. This can be fully automated via the implementation of the JKSP standard data interface protocol which is available on all installations at no additional cost.

Simon Holmes, Sales & Marketing Director, JKSP, added, “The installation was completed on time with commissioning and training  delivered directly after start up. The co-operation, drive and enthusiasm shown by the Veevee team was fantastic and we would like to thank them all for a great installation. It was a pleasure to receive their positive feedback on the first day of commissioning. The second AirBond system has already been ordered by Veevee and we are looking forward to completing this installation very soon, this time on a new TCY double backer.”


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